Glenn Wright Appointed to New York City Bar Association’s Real Property Law Committee

The Wright Law Firm is pleased to report that Glenn Wright has been appointed to the New York City Bar Association’s Real Property Law Committee for a term beginning Aug 01, 2021, and ending Jul 31, 2024 (Class of 2024). As a committee member, Glenn will participate in shaping law and public policy by commenting and testifying on legislation, submitting briefs, drafting reports, sponsoring continuing legal education programs, and helping serve in an advisory capacity for the real property legal community. Glenn has significant experience handling commercial leases and other real property-related transactional matters. The Bar Association committee addresses the many legal and policy issues about property, real estate, and commercial development. Topics in this area include commercial real estate, cooperative and condominium law, urban economics, and affordable housing preservation and development.

The Real Property Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association advises and addresses the policy and legal concerns of New York City’s commercial real estate industry. They frequently sponsor educational seminars, lectures, and forums for the legal community.

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