NYC Commercial Lease Attorneys

Engaging the services of a seasoned commercial lease lawyer is paramount in safeguarding your long-term business interests during retail or office lease negotiations. Our firm addresses many real estate concerns for business clients across the expansive New York Metropolitan area.

Matters Our Commercial Lease Lawyers Handle Include:

NYC Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Assignment, Sublease & Early Termination

Securing favorable terms in your commercial lease agreement can profoundly impact the financial performance of most small businesses, underscoring its critical importance.

NYC Commercial Lease lawyer

Protecting your interests in your commercial lease can be the most significant factor affecting the bottom line of most small businesses. Leases must be properly drafted to ensure the tenant has the most flexible options regarding the assignment, subleases, or early termination.

We have a proven track record of effectively navigating intricate clauses within retail or office leases, including potentially detrimental provisions like demolition clauses. In the current developmental surge in New York City, demolition clauses grant landlords an unequivocal right to prematurely terminate commercial leases, severely hindering a tenant’s ability to sell their business. This seemingly innocuous clause can swiftly erode the equity painstakingly accrued by the tenant.

An adept commercial lease lawyer can secure the most flexible “good guy guaranties” and exit strategies. Our paramount concern is safeguarding our clients’ personal assets and ensuring their long-term financial security.

At our firm, we prioritize cultivating enduring relationships with our clients. By comprehensively understanding their objectives, we tailor our approach to commercial lease negotiations to address their most pressing concerns.

Some notable commercial lease matters we have handled include negotiating a lease for a national chain of tea cafes’ inaugural New York location, securing a lease for a two-story bookstore spanning 2200 sq. ft. in Midtown Manhattan, representing a client leasing billboard space to an international outdoor advertising company, negotiating and drafting retail leases for store tenants within a mixed-use building, and facilitating the lease agreement for a west-coast clothing chain’s flagship store in Nolita.

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