Speaking at an Upcoming Pop-Up Seminar

Glenn D. Wright of the Wright Law Firm and Robin Abrams, broker extraordinaire and Vice-Chairman of Compass Real Estate, will be speaking in an upcoming Strafford live Webinar, “Pop-Up Leasing: Drafting Delivery, Insurance, and Maintenance Provisions, Mitigating Risks in Short-Term Agreements” scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, 2022, 1:00 pm.-2:30 pm EST. With the sudden downturn in the retail market due to e-commerce, pop-up shops have become very popular, and many lawyers find that they are drafting these agreements for the first time. The Pop-Up seminar will focus on those agreements, whether a license or a lease, which have a unique set of issues that both a prospective landlord and tenant must address.

Pop-Ups are an excellent way for e-commerce sites to broaden their customer base and show their products to the public. These Pop-Ups can also inject some excitement into a mall or shopping center that has not varied its mix of retail stores in many years. Many Pop-Ups offer an experiential experience for the shopper that will drive foot traffic to a mall or shopping center.

What the Webinar will Cover

Although there are a lot of opportunities to benefit both landlords and tenants, Attorneys have to be familiar with the risks to a landlord of having a tenant that will be gone in a couple of months and may be inclined to cut corners in operating their store.

Pop-Up leases will often be drafted as a license rather than a lease. Both Landlords and Tenants must be aware that Courts often will disregard what the documents are called and do their analysis as to whether the tenancy is a license or a leasehold.

After the Pop-Up seminar, the panel will engage in a live question-and-answer session with participants so we can answer your questions about these important issues directly.

Attend “Pop-Up Leasing: Drafting Delivery, Insurance, and Maintenance Provisions, Mitigating Risks in Short-Term Agreements” on September 14, 2022

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