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When New York City businesses require New York Criminal Summons Defense  for violations filed  by the Department of Buildings, or the NYC Fire Department, they frequently consult with the Wright Law Firm.  Some of these administrative and fire code violations  are misdemeanors and can result in substantial fines. Business owners will need qualified, experience lawyers to navigate the system. Misdemeanor charges are  criminal offenses. A conviction can cause severe negative consequences. A plea or conviction to even a lesser count often results in large fines or civil liability in other courts or administrative proceedings.  What seems like a quick and easy plea bargain can jeopardize a business license. Many times a lawyer can negotiate a dismissal;  especially if a Client is diligent in “curing” the violation beforehand.

A Corporation Must Have a Lawyer

Under New York law, a corporation must be represented by  an attorney in criminal cases. Even if the company consists of one shareholder, In New York Criminal Summons Defense must be handled by a lawyer. If an officer or employee personally is issued a criminal summons instead of the company, a “corporate substitution” can be arranged to allow the company to take responsibility of the charges. The Court will often often insist on the substitution when your lawyer negotiates a settlement of the summons.

Often, companies fail to appear in Court after receiving summonses for fire or building code violations. Judges hold the company in default and impose large fines. Missing a court appearance can result in substantial default penalties.

Hiring a New York Criminal Summons Defense Lawyer is Cost Effective

We are knowledgeable and efficient in defending business owners when facing summonses in criminal courts. In many cases, we can help our Clients reasonably settle their cases to avoid hefty fines and protect their business licenses.

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New York Criminal Summons Defense