NYC Restaurant Lawyer

       Operating a restaurant, bar, nightclub or hotel in New York City’s litigious and highly regulated business environment means being constantly being faced with unanticipated legal problems. Such problems may seem minor initially but ultimately prove very costly to resolve. Aspiring restaurateurs will need a Restaurant Lawyer who has worked with hospitality businesses in New York City and is familiar with all aspects of the industry. We help restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, and hotels from start-up to dissolution.

Hire a Restaurant Lawyer with industry specific expertise, we handle :

Forming Corporations or Limited Liability Companies

The Purchase or Sale of Restaurants

Shareholder Agreements or Limited Liability Company Operating Restaurant Lawyer NYCAgreements, Partnership Agreements

Employment Agreements, “Key Employee”  and Silent Investor Agreements

Liquor License Applications

Franchise Agreements

We also represent many restaurant and bar owners with matters such as:

Defense of American with Disability Act (ADA)  Title III Lawsuits against Restaurants and Bars

NYPD Nuisance Abatement Proceedings in Supreme Court 

Criminal Summonses

Dept. of Buildings (DOB) & Fire Code Violations before Environmental Control Board (ECB)

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