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NYC Commercial Lease Lawyer

Hiring an experienced commercial lease lawyer for your retail or office lease negotiation is vital to protecting your long-term business interests when leasing retail, industrial or office space. We handle a wide range of real estate matters on behalf of business clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Matters Our Commercial Lease Lawyers Handle Include:

NYC Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Assignment, Sublease & Early Termination

We have a network of expediters and architects to call on to assist our Clients in ensuring that the proposed location meets their business’s needs.

Protecting your interests in your commercial lease can be the biggest factor affecting the bottom line of most smNYC Commercial Lease lawyerall businesses. Leases must be properly drafted to ensure that the tenant has the most flexible options regarding the assignment, subleases, or early termination.

We have been successful in negotiating out hidden “traps” in a retail or office lease such as demolition clauses. In the current development boom in New York City, this is a clause where the landlord wants an absolute right to terminate a commercial lease early. Such a clause in a retail or office lease makes a tenant’s business almost impossible to sell. That one small clause can wipe out all the equity a tenant has built up in its business.

An experienced commercial lease lawyer will always strive to negotiate the most flexible good guy guaranties and exit strategies. One of our biggest priorities is protecting our clients’ personal assets.

We build long-term relationships with our clients. By gaining insight into their objectives, we are able to focus the commercial lease negotiation on what matters most to them.

Representative Commercial Lease Matters

  • We represented a national chain of tea cafes in the negotiation of a retail lease for their first New York location.
  • We negotiated a lease for a 2200 sq. ft., two story bookstore in Midtown Manhattan
  • We represented a long-term Client is renting billboard space on the side of his building to an international outdoor advertising company
  • We represented a mixed-use building owner in the negotiation and drafting of two retail leases for his store tenants
  • We negotiated a lease for the first New York flagship store in Nolita for a west cost clothing chain.

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