New York Commercial Litigation Attorney

     The Wright Law Firm has broad-based commercial litigation experience in handling corporate and business-related disputes in both State and Federal Courts.  We have handled cases involving such issues as:  

  • Representation of buyers or sellers of businesses in disputes that may arise following the purchase transaction such as fraud or breach of contract
  • Representation of parties in shareholder or partnership disputes
  • Construction disputes representing owners, developers, lenders, contractors and architects
  • Landlord-Tenant; Commercial holdover or non-payment proceedings
  • Retail or office lease conflicts such as disputes over landlord’s consent or exclusivity clauses
  • Commercial litigation concerning various real estate disputes involving title, easements or breach of warranty
  • Interpreting and advising parties on the rights and obligations of business owners under contractual agreements, shareholder or LLC Agreements 
  • Protecting and enforcing the rights of minority shareholders; Access to books and records by shareholders
  • Disputes relating to the accounting and allocation of business profits
  • Buy-out transaction disputes
  • Supreme Court nuisance abatement proceedingsnew york commercial litigation
  • Yellowstone Injunctions
  • Property Damage
  • Disputes over broker’s agreements
  • Enforcement of Good Guy Guaranties

Although litigation is often unavoidable, Glenn D. Wright has served as a Civil Court Arbitrator and understands the value of a timely, cost-effective resolution. He has also represented many litigants before the American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Some recent Representative Commercial Litigation Matters

  • I successfully defended a Manhattan nightclub that was sued in a Federal Court Civil rights Action stemming from a patron being ejected.  After extensive discovery and depositions, the Plaintiff discontinued the case with no damages paid my client.
  • Client had purchased a restaurant-delicatessen based upon misrepresentations of the seller. It was alleged that the business generated more income than it actually did and that the client list was inflated. Action was brought on behalf of client for rescission of the contract, and for damages based upon fraud and misrepresentation. After extensive discovery, depositions and a five day Supreme Court Trial, I secured a money judgment in excess of $100,000 for my Client.
  • My Client and his partner in a Williamsburg nightclub could not agree on the management and allocation of profits. I filed for a Judicial Dissolution in Supreme Court and after discovery and motion practice, my Client received a very generous buy-out offer.
  • My Client, a chain of restaurants, incurred $100,000 in Dept. of Building fines due to the negligence of one of its contractors. I represented them before the NYC Environmental Control Board (ECB) and negotiated with the City to reduce the total fines to $40,000.
  • I represented a major Midtown Manhattan nightclub when they were closed by the NYPD in a nuisance abatement action. I successfully negotiated with the City to get them re-open within days with a de minimis fine.

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