Liquor Stores Can Hold Own Wine & Liquor Tastings

The new bill (S.5333-A / A.8043) signed by Governor Cuomo states that Liquor Stores can hold own wine & liquor tastings without the manufacturer or wholesaler being present on-site.  Before this law was passed, sales reps from the distillery, brewery or cidery or the product’s wholesaler of the product had to set up a table at the liquor store, pour the beverage and supervise the tasting. Bookkeeping and arranging this was burdensome for both the manufacturer and the liquor store owner.

The rationale for the law is to support New York State’s craft beer, ciders, and spirits industry. This will allow the liquor store’s costumer to sample the new beverages that are struggling to gain a foothold the competitive liquor market. At the same time, it is a boon to the liquor stores to draw more traffic and better market their entire inventory.

Another aspect of this new law permit farm distilleries to sell, including food, gift baskets, liquor supplies and accessories and souvenirs related to their spirits.

This provides a more even playing field for farm distillers. Previously, they were the only farm manufacturer who was unable to sell these items.

These laws permit businesses in the liquor industry throughout New York State to also benefit from the organic, farm-to table; foodie culture and better market their products through their cider, beer & liquor tastings. Consult a Liquor License Lawyer  for what is permissible for your business.