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Category: construction law

Your Contractor filed a Mechanic’s Lien. Now what?

Under New York’s Lien Law, a contractor can file a mechanic’s lien for unpaid fees or materials costs stemming from a construction project.   Thecontractor or subcontractor that performs labor or provides materials for a build-out of a store or office can place a lien against the premises. He serves not only the tenant who hired […]

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Drafting Strong New York Construction Contracts

What to look for in well-drafted construction contracts? Many architects and contractors use the American Institute of Architects (AIA) pre-printed, “fill in the blank” form contracts. Although these AIA forms are a good, fundamental starting point, most attorneys draft extensive riders to supplement them. The riders are frequently proposed by the owner’s lawyer because the AIA […]

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Don’t Fire Your Contractor for the Wrong Reasons

If you are having problems with a general contractor and want to hire a different one for the project; you should tread carefully. Regardless as to how justified you feel in doing so, always look carefully at the reasons why you want to fire your contractor. Terminating a general contractor should only be done when there is a well-documented history […]

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Commercial Lease Build-Out Clauses

     Most prospective commercial tenants, prior to the move-in date, need to modify the space to suit their business’s needs. Whether it is a raw space (a “vanilla box”) or built to the specifications of the prior tenant, extensive renovations are almost always required. Unless the new tenant is a chain with other locations, they may […]

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Construction Litigation Spikes in Brooklyn

Real estate development in Brooklyn has not been without its setbacks. Due to extraordinarily fast timelines from design to completion, Brooklyn has seen a spike in construction litigation involving structural defects in new residential buildings. The Brooklyn housing gold rush has attracted some inexperienced developers who may not have had confidence in the boom’s sustainability. They therefore […]

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Commercial Real Estate Development vs. Artists in Brooklyn

Commercial Real Estate Development  vs. Artists in Brooklyn

Like all Burgeoning Arts neighborhoods ultimately do , Bushwick, Brooklyn  is now feeling the threat of gentrification. Famous for its street murals, this former manufacturing neighborhood is home to many artiists’ studios and galleries. The overwhelming demand in Brooklyn for commercial real estate has caused most artists’ space to be priced out as commercial landlords either refuse lease […]

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Cure NYC Building Violations & Fire Code Violations before Fines

Businesses in New York face a variety of Building Violations & Fire Code Violations enforced by different city agencies, including the Department of Buildings (DOB), the Environmental Control Board, and the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).  When a business is found to be in violation of any regulation, the business can face fines and […]

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