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Bullets & Booze: Gun Range Gets Liquor License

Shoot first. Do shots later.

That’s what’s being advertised at an Oklahoma City gun range that has secured a liquor license – the first to do so in the state of Oklahoma.

Our New York liquor license attorneys understand the 40,000-square-foot facility boasts 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes – and a full bar. But don’t worry – drinks are only available after you shoot. It’s believed to be the state’s first-ever liquor-licensed gun range.

Officials say once patrons order a drink, his or her driver’s license is scanned and red-flagged. At that point, the patron is not allowed to re-enter the shooting gallery, either as a spectator or a shooter for the next 24 hours. So anyone who wants to have a drink must refrain from shooting a gun for a full day.

Staff will be trained in field sobriety, and there will be cameras in use to closely monitor customers. Additionally, there is a police headquarters nearby in case of an emergency.

Residents in that state are already allowed to carry guns into restaurants and most other establishments.

Similar liquor-licensed ranges reportedly exist in California, North Texas and Georgia.

However, we don’t expect such establishments to catch on here in New York City or even New York state anytime soon.

This is home to some of the strictest anti-gun control measures anywhere in the country. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $50 million on gun-control efforts while in office. It’s unlikely we would see any business initiatives that would support a mix of alcohol and firearms.

Some call the entire idea a “recipe for disaster.” But it’s already been given the green light, though the facility is still under construction.

Our New York liquor license lawyers would generally urge clients not to mix guns and alcohol without careful consideration.

Lately, the bigger trigger point in New York City lately is sales of alcohol to minors. Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced the initial results of the State Liquor Authority’s effort to curb underage drinking in the boroughs, finding 32 establishments that sold to minors.

From April 17 through May 1, the agency dispatched decoys to 74 locations in five boroughs and successfully purchased from 32 locations, including 3 out of 6 in Staten Island, 15 out of 16 in Brooklyn, 5 out of 21 in Manhattan, 8 out of 16 in Queens and one out of 15 in the Bronx.

Each time, the licensees were charged with underage sales and faced civil penalties that started at $2,500 to $3,000 for a first-time offense. Fines can go as high as $10,000, and could even result in forfeiture of a license.

The locations ranged from convenience and deli shops to liquor and wine stores.

Those holding liquor New York liquor licenses should be aware that the SLA’s enhanced enforcement efforts over the last three years have been targeting businesses that sell to minors. In that time, prosecutions have soared by 85 percent, totaling nearly 2,000 in 2013.

While it’s unlikely service to minors or New York’s gun laws will change anytime¬† soon, New York’s liquor license laws are always fluid, so it’s important that beverage establishments consult with experienced legal help.

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